The New and Better Way to Do Instant Card Issuance

Instant Issuance Helps You Deliver a Better In-Branch Experience

Instant card issuance, once regarded as a “nice-to-have” bonus feature that only large financial institutions could afford, is now a must-have service that customers expect. Fortunately, thanks to the ease and security of cloud-based technology, instant card issuance is now within reach of smaller financial institutions.


Bottom-line benefits of a better in-branch experience:

  • 47% of cards are used within eight hours

  • 97% of customers are “satisfied” or “very satisfied”

  • Decrease of operational cost related to fulfillment (i.e., envelopes, carriers, postage, etc.) by $1 per card 

  • 15% increase in customer transaction volume — five additional transactions per card 

  • Increase of 2.5% debit and 4.5% credit interchange

Source: CPI Card Group